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What in the world do you do?

I entertain folks and bring them into a magical world where things are not what they seem. I integrate my tricks and comedy into the New Vaudeville.

New Vaudeville?

Yes. For over 30 years, I’ve learned accordion, percussion, harmonica, juggling, mime, dance, storytelling, and magic so instead of specializing in one, the New Vaudeville is a form of entertainment that combines all these eccentric talents to create an amazing comedy show full of surprises.

Holy Cannoli, What kind of surprises?

Funny you should ask – Show Info

How did you learn to dance?

Every time I messed up a magic trick, my Uncle Mac made me do a dance so I learned how to dance and eventually magic.


At Jacks Irish Pub, Grandpappy Jack was always doing magic behind the bar and I was his little stooge. Think that’s how I lost my hearing, endless coins were evidently lodged into my ear.

How can Pappy read minds?

I am partially deaf, so I developed a sense to read lips, the eyes, and sometimes even the mind.

How did you come up with your Happy Tips?

From years of banging my head over and over, my hair turned gray but I learned a few things.

Do you teach workshops?

Sure I teach hat/cane tricks, juggling, mime, magic and how to develop interesting characters.

Pappy Who?
Who is he really?

Meet Thomas Schroyer.