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The Madcap Studio


International performance artist and actor, Thomas Schroyer writes his own stories and creates his own eccentric comedic characters which include the silent Tommy Twimble and his old world character, Pappy. Combining the crafts of new vaudeville, Thomas mixes a cocktail of magic, object/hat juggling, mime, music, and storytelling.

From clean corporate after-dinner events to the risqué of cabaret in New York City; From intimate theaters in Colombia to the lively festivals in Brazil, Thomas has been fortunate to travel and perform all over the world.

After a couple open-heart surgeries, being partially deaf, and turning gray at 30, ole Pappy was the obvious character to create. Its Zen-infused with a bit of debauchery for living big and showing appreciation by making a lot of toasts.

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“By expression, movement, and attitude, he manages to draw the audience to him from the moment he arrives on stage. I would highly recommend Thomas as a professional and very creative performer and his craft at mime is at its best”
Michel Michelis, Producer Le Cirque de Bohome
“His performance dazzled us with considerable skills…. completely captivated the audience with the sweetness of his very expressive face and the physical prowess he brought to the performance”
Barbara Fankhauser, President, Portland Storytellers’ Guild

Other Comedic Characters:

Tommy Twimble

Moisture Festival, Seattle Wa

Guru Red Nose with Madcap Vaudeville

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